The process of building or re-building one’s own home is nothing short
of an example of the widely held view that “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”.

The Home...

…it is shelter... it is the place in which to satisfy the most basic of our human needs. The work that an owner goes through to create (or re-create) their home is an undertaking older than humanity itself!

The Architect...

…is the engine in this process and is acutely aware of this long history, and of the context and the psychology specific to each project. But, what’s more, the architect becomes the creative force for evolution, making something about your project a step forward in this ancient endeavor!

ReConstructions Inc.

At ReConstructions Inc. we understand that architecture lives at the intersection of art and practical living. We enthusiastically embrace the process of making a shared vision into a reality. Our 25+ years as a design/build company give us the background to analyze architectural plans, budget them accurately, and discuss them constructively with the team of architect and owner, providing both design and technical alternatives along with their associated costs. Most often this dialogue between design and cost, between vision and execution, between the possible and the realistic is on-going for the life of the project.

The Goal

ReConstructions Inc. is deeply committed to finding the most successful pathways through the complex and competing elements of this timeless process. And, because we realize our work lives at the intersection of imagination and the fundamental laws of nature, we know our efforts have been successful only when the entire team can take great satisfaction in the completed project.

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